Holy Names

Abu-Hurayra, companion of the Prophet Muhammad said, "The Messenger of God...said that God has 99 names, one hundred minus one. The one who enumerates them enters paradise."

I cannot assure you that you will get into paradise by enumerating all of them, but studying this collection of names is a very interesting exercise and a good way to enhance our vocabulary.

the Compassionate the Merciful the King the Holy
the Source of Peace the Preserver of Security the Protector the Mighty
the Overpowering the Great in Majesty the Creator the Maker
the Fashioner the Forgiver the Dominant the Bestower
the Provider the Decider the Knower the Withholder
the Plentiful Giver the Abaser the Exalter the Honorer
the Humiliator the Hearer the Seer the Judge
the Just the Gracious the Informed the Clement
the Incomparable Great the Forgiving the Rewarder the Most High
the Most Great the Preserver the Sustainer the Reckoner
the Majestic the Generous the Watcher the Answerer
the All Embracing the Wise the Loving the Glorious
the Resurrector the Witness the Real the Trustee
the Strong the Firm the Patron the Praiseworthy
the All-Knowing the Originator the Restorer to Life the Giver of Life
the Giver of Death the Living the Eternal the Self-Sufficient
the Grand the One the Single He to Whom Men Repair
the Powerful the Prevailing the Advancer the Delayer
the First the Last the Outward the Inward
the Governor the Sublime the Amply Beneficent the Acceptor of Repentance
the Avenger the Pardoner the Kindly the Ruler of the Kingdom
the Lord of Majesty and Splendor the Equitable the Gatherer the Independent
the Enricher the Depriver the Harmer the Benefactor
the Light the Guide the First Cause the Enduring
the Inheritor the Director the Patient