New Toy !

Same Kid, Different Toy...

1998 M3

After waiting for about four months for this beauty to arrive, I figured it would not be too crazy to go and buy a special roll of film and get shots from all directions of my dream car. Here it is!. It is a 1998 BMW M3, supposed to be the best handling car on the road according to the experts....The real joy of this car is when you are behind the steering wheel. It has an incredible powerful engine (3.2L, 240HP) and great control. I am just getting used to it. I may have to get a radar detector, just in case... :-)

2001 M3

After enjoying my 1998 M3 for a couple of years, I was very tempted and could not resist to upgrade to the new 2001 M3 model. It came in the newly created Laguna Seca blue (instead os Estoril blue) that BMW introduced with this model. A quite unusual color, but to me it makes it more interesting :-). This new model has 340 HP and two modes of operation, normal and sports. In sports mode it is very responsible and powerful, a joy to ride especially at "high" speeds. Click on the thumbnail below for more pictures.


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